Rediscovering photography a summer priority

posted by Jeff | Thursday, May 9, 2002, 6:04 PM | comments: 0

I'm a media whore, obviously. Having gone to school for radio and television (oh, and journalism, double major), I live for this stuff. Ever since high school yearbook even I was a photography junky. I've touched it all from print to Web, radio to video. Through all of it though, photography is still one of the things I like the most. I just haven't enjoyed it lately because the whole film thing is a drag, especially as it relates to the Web.

I'm about to change that now, since I ordered a Canon D60. Since it works with my existing lenses, I've got all of the creative freedom of an SLR, without the limitations of film (and scanning). That's really good news!

Even though I wanted to resist digital photography in the worst way, I bought my Nikon Coolpix 990 back in 2000. I needed something with good resolution and image quality to crank out photos while at the IAAPA trade show to post on CoasterBuzz. I hesitated, but knew that film processing would just not be practical. About $900 at the time, I bought the camera.

I've shot hundreds of images with it since, and I do like it. Its biggest limitations have been the lens and the flash, which is too close to the lens resulting in much redeye. It makes very nice 4x6 prints when sent to, and has the ability to run in the usual modes you're used to on a traditional SLR.

Canon has made the huge leap in resolution with the D60 and put it in an SLR for about $2,199. Yeah, that's expensive, but consider for a moment that my average outing to an amusement park kills 8 or more film rolls. Do the math... with processing that's easily $100, and chances are I won't find half the prints worthy of making my photo album. If I get serious about shooting again, I don't doubt that the cost will be justified if for no other reason than film cost savings.

In any case, the thing is backordered big time, and it's easily the hardest camera to get right now. I'm told another two weeks or so. Here's hoping!


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