Regroup and refocus kind of day

posted by Jeff | Friday, July 31, 2009, 12:42 AM | comments: 0

I slept horribly last night, with the brain just working non-stop in an incoherent mess of noise. That's not fun at all. I tried to stick to the wake-up time, but I don't think I started to get any quality sleep until 3:30 or so. Diana didn't do her usual goodbye kiss this morning and left a note, because she said I seemed to sleeping hard whilst thrashing about (she left a cute note).

So once up and about, I backed off. I did some leisure reading, took a nap and spent just a couple of hours learning more and refining the little feed app I mentioned yesterday. I figured out how to do a little animation to load up the settings pane, which is fun.

I spent some time assessing what I was up to. I'm unhappy with the time I've spent on the new site (same story for the last year, right?), but happy with the body of knowledge I'm attaining. The ad tweaking on the sites is paying off (though it's streaky on PointBuzz for some reason), and I'm a little less worried about money for now.

And the real kicker is that I've got some job leads. One is a local small consulting firm, which is a little hard to measure. Another is a buttload of contracting work from another former ICOM'er in California. Not sure yet what he's got in mind. It seems like things are starting to loosen up again in terms of jobs, but it still mostly sucks here Northeast Ohio.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to really, really want to go to IAAPA just to cover it. The big motivation now is that one of the backstage tours are for the Blue Man show, which is pretty hard to resist. I'm going to start looking into some sponsorship arrangements and see if I can figure something out. It wouldn't take much, relatively speaking.

Looking forward to some movies coming out. Haven't had a good afternoon out in awhile!


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