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posted by Jeff | Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 10:30 AM | comments: 0

We were pretty excited about renovating our bathroom, particularly as we had a GC that was highly recommended. After working up his estimate, he came to a staggering cost of about $54k. If you watch home improvement TV shows, you know that's what they spend on high-end renovations with exotic materials. While we were considering expensive tile, that by itself would have only been $5k. The labor estimate I worked out to $100 an hour, which seems insane even with the trades being in short supply.

Logically, of course we should seek other estimates. I gamed out materials at retail cost around $16k, $10k less than what he did. But for now, we're gonna try and repair our shower a bit (grout and caulk issues, and also it's gross). We think we're gonna pivot and prioritize new carpet. The cheap shit just makes everything feel dumpy. And I'm not one of the "Florida people" who want everything to be tile, or vinyl plank (which still looks like vinyl to me). I like carpet. I like soft things under my feet.

The bathroom, kinda hard to say if we'll follow through ever. If we want to be out of here in six years, which is also not a hard target, do we really need a new bathroom?


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