Return to camping after a decade

posted by Jeff | Thursday, August 29, 2002, 1:47 AM | comments: 0

My parents used to take my brother and I camping to Allegany State Park in New York seemingly every year when we were kids. I always liked it because it had interesting woods to explore compared to any of the Ohio parks we'd visit. It had history, lots of creeks, critters and great cycling opportunities.

The last time I had been there was 1992, just after my freshman year of college. Stephanie has been begging me to go camping, which I've somewhat resisted because I'm not a big fan of tent camping, so I figured it might be pretty cool to go to the park. This way she gets to do something she has wanted to do for awhile, I get to visit a place I used to love for the first time as an adult, and on top of that we get to spend some quality time together.

It was really pretty cool. The park really hasn't changed that much in the last decade. It's still beautiful and popular as ever. We didn't do a lot while we were there, but Steph got enough of a feel for the park to know she'd like to go back.

While there we did a GeoCache, where you get the coordinates of a secret location from the Web site, then head there with your GPS receiver and find the loot. Generally there's little stuff in there, and you take some stuff and leave new stuff. With my expert navigational skills (I was nearly standing on it when I got the right coordinates but didn't see it) we scored a little spring-loaded clip and a cheap little pocket knife (which came in handy for opening the vacuum packed steaks we brought). We declined taking the nose flute.

Overall it was a nice little escape. and I can't wait to do it again. I posted just a handful of photos.


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