Rough day

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 9, 2011, 8:04 PM | comments: 0

The day was not good for us. It started when Simon got up before 6 a.m. Later, his general crying over something we couldn't quite identify prompted me to get up and offer Diana a little relief. Shortly thereafter, he took a tumble over the back of the couch, and chipped one of his upper front teeth, presumably on one of the bottom teeth. We actually pulled the fragment off of the back of his lip. He's going to see the dentist Monday, who thinks he can repair it. I'm skeptical. It's not super noticeable, but he probably isn't a good candidate for dental commercials anymore.

Work was annoying pretty much as soon as I got there. I was really only there to meet up with my friends for lunch one last time, then turn in my ID and benefit stuff. My boss didn't even come in today. The dude sitting next to me in the team room demonstrated his constant audible sipping and burping routine for about a half-hour. If that weren't enough, the network was performing poorly, so I couldn't even surf Facebook efficiently. It just seemed like a total waste of time to be there.

Lunch was a highlight. It was good to sit down with the gang one more time. The people from TTFKASTO (the official Microsoft acronym for "the team formerly known as Server & Tools Online") were representative of everything that I loved about Microsoft. Smart, good people. Best co-workers I've had.

The check-in and return of my junk was uneventful, but it was very emotional. It reminded me a lot of my last day at school, when the campus around you that was home base for so long was not going to be a part of your life anymore. You aren't going to be a part of what goes on there anymore. That made me very sad.

When I got home, of course I forgot that I was supposed to stop and buy cat food. Shit. So I took Simon with me to one of the closer grocery stores and paid twice as much as I should. I at least chose the store further away from town, so I didn't have any traffic issues.

When we finally got down to eating dinner, we had a solid check-in conversation. I think with everything going on, we've been neglecting our wants and needs, and catching up was long overdue.

To wind down, we popped Simon into the stroller and took a nice long walk into the expensive part of the neighborhood. This prompted more solid conversation about long-term goals for finances, real estate, schools and such. It all sounds so serious, but honestly we really needed to do that.

The day really should have been more symbolic of the transition and excitement of our future life, but it just seemed that something negative happened at every turn. Here's hoping tomorrow isn't like that. I still need to work out that blog post about my two years on the Death Star.


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