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posted by Jeff | Sunday, March 19, 2023, 2:40 PM | comments: 0

I've watched all of the footage we shot last weekend, and I'm pretty satisfied with it all. The investment in lighting gear paid off, and even without any color grading, it looks "cinematic," if only because I shot it at a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. I don't know where it might eventually be shown, but I figure I should conform it to a theatrical format.

I have begun editing in my head, and doing so helps me understand what I need to shoot next. I've got a number of things to shoot at the distillery, and I would like to go to the place where one of their ingredients come from. I also want to find another interesting restaurant, and maybe an interesting liquor store, if that's a thing. Lots of stigma about those, which is weird when you consider they sell product that can sometimes cost over a hundred bucks per bottle.

I have not physically started to edit, but that's partly because I need to upgrade the PC first. It's too annoying when it skips around as it does now when you scrub timelines. I've come to realize how trivial the editing I've mostly done with it has been (you know, Lego time lapse builds), but I also suspect that DaVinci Resolve is a little more demanding of the computer. As much as I enjoy buying gadgets, I have to admit that this will be less satisfying because I'm essentially replacing 80% of a computer, that at the end of the day will reside in the same case with the same installation of Windows. I also just paid for our big summer vacation, with a couple of hotel nights yet to book, so my wallet is melting a little. I'm not in a hurry.

I could do the video proxy thing, where the software makes lower resolution copies of your stuff, but that takes even more disk space, and frankly I want to see the real thing up close as a check that I'm getting the exposure right.

Early as it is, I'm already thinking about music. What a pain in the ass that is. With my Storyblocks subscription, I could use anything from there anywhere, but it is production music and it sounds like production music. The really appealing thing is that I could use something like Lickd, and license actual real songs, but release and distribution is restricted entirely to YouTube. I don't know what direct licensing from a record company would cost, but I'm sure it's well out of my budget. Another option is to find a musician I like to write stuff, and pay them directly, but I wouldn't know where to start.

I'm also thinking about graphics. There are things in my head that I want to try and get out, and I decided that I might try to do graphics in Resolve instead of After Effects. That's learning something completely new, but if they've done for motion graphics what they did for editing, I can likely and comfortably leave Adobe behind there.

Lots to think about, but I'm letting what I have marinate for a bit. I'm hoping to get back down to the distillery next month for their big monthly tiki party.

Lastly, I've been thinking about doing some kind of behind-the-scenes content, but not sure where to start there. I can't easily shoot me shooting the movie.


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