Safe in Vegas

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 2:56 AM | comments: 0

I managed to get in early, and had enough time to pick up my registration junk. The swag is disappointing. I thought I read that they would have copies of Visual Studio Standard or something, but it's all marketing crap. And somehow they translated XL to small for the T-shirt.

Anyway, the BMG manager must have had the day off, because I didn't connect with him. I thought about buying a ticket, but decided against. I went over to Palazzo for video poker. I like the vibe there, and they play good music. Canadian guy next to me said some woman died on his flight in from Buffalo, and he was a little depressed. Lost forty bucks, but now am reasonably inebriated. And hungry. Fingers smell like limes.

I hate Vegas at first when I arrive alone. Then I settle in, enjoy the people watching, and soak in the fabulous. My room view kind of blows, in the Venezia tower with the back of Harrah's and Inferior Palace, but I still love the rooms here.

Looking forward to nerd stuff in the morning. And breakfast.


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