Saturday is the party of the year: 3rd annual luau

posted by Jeff | Thursday, July 22, 2004, 1:52 AM | comments: 1
Our annual luau is fast approaching. To the regular attendees, it is widely regarded as the party of the summer. For me, it's a chance to get my friends together all at once because it's so damn hard to see them during the course of a year.

We scaled back the guest list to about 40 this year. Last year we included family because it doubled as my 30th birthday. The 16-litre mai tai will only be 12 litres this year. Instead of kabobs, we're doing Hawaiian burgers (teriyaki marinade with grilled pineapple). Saving a couple of bucks this year since I'm not working.

Today we bought the mai tai alcohol. 1.75 litres of Bacardi Gold rum and 2 litres of Disaronno. It's the fairly good shit, worth all $75 because it tastes good. It's not a matter of vanity... I won't drink the cheap grocery store shit, so why would I serve it to my guests? Last year we did a 16 litre batch, this year I'm going with 12. We had two or three litres left over last year.

A couple of my volleyball kids are coming with their parents as well, which is really cool. My two favorite girls will be there. It's weird spending like seven months with these kids and then suddenly you don't see them anymore.

The party brings together a weird assortment of friends that includes past co-workers, a couple of coaster enthusiasts, Stephanie's school mates, and others. Good times... I can't wait.


freeze, July 22, 2004, 1:15 PM #

Make mine a bacon double Hawaiian, hold the mustard.

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