Science project going well, taking longer than expected

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 11:45 AM | comments: 0

That science project I mentioned awhile back is finally coming together, though it has taken much longer than I expected. I'm using one technology I've not used before (WCF) and one that I'm still a little green on (Silverlight), and features that are so new that they're barely documented (out-of-browser). I've spent about 30 hours on it.

At first that makes me think, holy crap, that comes at the expense of the new site project, but there's a less obvious benefit here. I'm getting up to speed on new stuff that is not widely being used, and hopefully differentiating myself in the process. There is always a gamble with learning new tech, but given the advantages of these technologies (and the Olympics again), I think it's a pretty safe bet.


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