Sentimental music history

posted by Jeff | Sunday, September 20, 2015, 9:24 PM | comments: 0

I've often described how music very much serves as a soundtrack to my life. Hearing certain songs brings back memories in the most vivid way, sometimes complete with smells and sounds to go with the visuals. I don't know if everyone's brain works that way, but even though I've always been that way, it still seems freakish and surprises me.

From the time I really started listening to music, probably around age 10, when Thriller was all the rage, I've been one to intensely listen to stuff, and then for the most part file it away and move on to the next thing. Right now I'm listening to Metric, Muse, CHVRCHES and Elle King. I know that I'm not typical in that sense, especially for someone approaching midlife.

So is it because the idea of listening to Def Leppard and Debbie Gibson makes me want to harm myself or others, or is it because of the history association? OK, maybe the high school era isn't a good example. Even though parts of college were a little difficult, I do think fondly of the R.E.M., Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins of that time. Right after college came Garbage, and their debut is still one of my favorite albums ever.

Because we now live in a world of playlists, mix tapes without all the work, I have yearly curated lists going back to the 90's, but I almost never listen to the older ones. I also have one called the best songs ever, with about 20 songs, but I only listen to that one when I need a pick-me-up.

I got to thinking about this today, because of a specific song I've had stuck in my head from 1990. It's even worse with music that's older than I am. I totally get why a lot of classic rock is important, and I like some of it, but I just don't have any interest in listening to it most of the time. I'm a pretty devoted listener to AltNation on SiriusXM. I guess some people love to get shiny new things, but I'm all about shiny new music.


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