Separation anxiety and broken words

posted by Jeff | Saturday, October 27, 2012, 11:33 PM | comments: 0

Simon seems to be exhibiting separation anxiety. Maybe it was happening before, but if not, it seems obvious since I got back from Florida. Diana said he flipped out a bit when we ended the Skype call I did Wednesday morning with my mom from Florida, and was asking for me at night.

It's the bed time thing that's really getting out of control. He doesn't want us to leave him, and he gets super angry and throws super tantrums. He tries to say something, and it's consistent, but we can't tell what it is. So we're left in the awkward state of wanting to understand him, but at the same time, it doesn't matter what he really wants because it's time for him to go to bed regardless. We normally trade off, and one of us sits with him to finally wind down before getting into bed. Tonight, he flipped out if either one of us even suggested leaving. This was even after getting into bed two hours later than normal.

It's not just that. He wants to be held for a bit after getting up from nap. He doesn't like it when one of us leaves the house, even to get the mail. I like that he wants to be affectionate, particularly when it means cuddles, but I find it necessary lately to really cut the cord and let him work it out.

I'm sure it's a passing phase, but this one can't pass fast enough!


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