Sex laws and people who can't drive in snow

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, December 3, 2002, 5:40 PM | comments: 0

I was shocked to see that the Supreme Court is hearing a case about the various sodomy and sex laws. The shock is just that these still exist.

Even if they're rarely enforced, it's just the principle of the whole thing. I mean, who the fuck cares what consenting adults do in the bedroom? In some states, the laws target same-sex relations, but others include oral sex between any two people, regardless of gender. It's bad enough that there are anti-homosexual laws, but some in some states they even consider it illegal for you to go down on your spouse? That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

It just catches me off guard when I learn of something in the US that seems like something out of the stone age.

Granted, I think it's part of a bigger picture problem, in that our culture considers sex dirty and wrong, but don't even get me started on that long rant. Maybe there'd be fewer fucked up people in the states if weren't so up tight and repressed when it comes to sex. It's learned behaviour folks, we weren't born that way.

So we finally got blasted with snow this last weekend, the first real good snow that I can remember in years. As usual, all of Northeast Ohio forgets how to drive in the snow, even though they've been doing it for years.

For example, if you've gotta climb a hill, especially in an empty van or pickup, you best get some momentum going or you won't make it. Then when you can't go any further, you have to fish-tail in short bursts the rest of the way. Pisses off at least a mile of traffic behind you. So yesterday on the way home from work I'm ready to blast up said hill, and sure enough, some dumbass in a big empty van starts the hill at 25, where it was safe to go at least 45. Not only that, but when he starts to slide around at low speed, the moron hits his brakes! It's a wonder he didn't slide 180.

Now, since I've lumped these two topics together, I will attempt to make them relate!

In both situations, we're so worried to take a chance and follow safe routes and standards so we don't get hurt or hurt others, without ever exploring the alternatives that might very well be the more natural or at the very least healthy actions. However, in both situations, the actual outcome can be the exact opposite, where you end up hurting yourself (through years of oppression or landing in a ditch).

How's that?


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