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The last time I got my hair cut was in November, prior to our IAAPA/Disney trip. Darcy, who has been cutting my hair now for more than 15 years, was having surgery for carpal tunnel shortly thereafter, but I figured I'd get back to her in January or so.

But then I started thinking about how I didn't want to get my hair cut too close to the wedding and there was the new job and whatever, and here I am now in February and it's getting annoyingly shaggy. I figure if I can tough it out for another three weeks that'll put me at one month prior to the wedding, so it's relatively neat but doesn't look like I just got my hair cut.

I can't roll with longer hair the way I used to. It's just too thin in the front these days. Diana was shocked when we found a photo from late 1994, shortly after Stephanie and I had met, because I was rocking the Adam Johnson cut back then. Actually, it was even longer.


Diana, February 11, 2009, 2:38 PM #

If you're shaggy, does that make me Scooby-Doo? :)

Jeff, February 11, 2009, 3:08 PM #

Or Daphne, but she was a lot taller. You know Shaggy was hitting that because Fred was gay.

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