Simon, 6

posted by Jeff | Sunday, March 6, 2016, 8:43 PM | comments: 0

I'm really not sure when I'll stop writing about Simon's birthdays. I thought last year's post was a pretty good overview of how I felt, and I find the sentiment to be similar now.

We mixed it up this year, and didn't do a straight birthday party. He had soccer in the morning, then we hung out at home and he opened the few gifts from us, grandparents and such. Then today, we did some bowling early, followed by an informal play date with this friends and classmates at the park. It all went pretty well, and he was a happy kid. I really liked seeing him interact with classmates, because the same kids he sometimes complains about clearly adore him. We also learned that he's become a little insensitive to the fact that "stuff" costs money, and you have to be a little humble about receiving gifts. We'll work on that this year.

Yes, he's still a handful at times, but I'm surprised at how often I really enjoy just hanging out with him. There's also an awful lot of time that I would rather get some exclusive time with Diana, but the kid is alright. He's a little human that we made, and that never stops being amazing.


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