Simon at five months

posted by Jeff | Thursday, August 5, 2010, 7:50 PM | comments: 0

Our little guy is five months old today. Five months! That doesn't actually seem like a lot of time, and my read on it is more that it seems unlikely that he would be so huge and have a personality.

We're in a bit of a challenging phase with him now as I've previously mentioned. While he's sleeping pretty well at night with his arms free, and the occasional re-binking, he's not sleeping well in naps at all. My happy little boy has been mostly Walter Cranky as of late. (See video... "guh... gastroenteritis." :)) But as one of his aunts reminded us today, it has only been a week, and he's having to unlearn months of habit. The one thing we're hopeful about is that he does seem to be more likely to sleep in other places, and he's showing signs of cuddling too. We like that.

As far as life goes for me with him, I don't really get enough time with him during the week. I try to leave work by 4:30, but even then, he's only awake for an hour or two. On the weekend I try to take ownership, so to speak, and spend a lot of time with him, and working on my pet projects or playing video games or just hanging out with Diana while he's sleeping.

Diana's life with him is obviously far more involved, and while she doesn't really complain, she spends a lot of time being tired, and I wish I could do more to combat that. But she also gets to see some of his special moments too, and can more closely monitor his development.

He's still not rolling over, which bothers us a bit, but it could be partly because he's just so chubby. On the other hand, he already has two teeth, and the amount of drool indicates more are on the way. He can stand with assistance pretty well, and he's starting to prefer sitting up when someone or something will prop him up. As our Facebook friends know, he's a real talker, and will sometimes just hang out and make all kinds of noises. That never stops being amusing!

Even with the challenges though, I get so excited when I get home from work and he gives me a quick smile and giggle. He always reacts when one of us comes back from somewhere, and that's pretty neat. And of course, as much as we want him to be mobile, we also know that it won't be long before we're longing for the time that he wasn't!


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