Simon gets emotional

posted by Jeff | Sunday, January 2, 2011, 10:25 PM | comments: 0

Simon seems to be going through a phase. In the last week or two, he has had a hard time going to bed. The screaming implies that he just doesn't want to be left alone, and it might be because he hasn't quite hatched all of the molars entirely. In those cases, you definitely feel bad for him, and want to comfort him.

But he has also exhibited signs of wanting things,  but not exactly needing them. For example, maybe he can't reach a toy, or he wants to be picked up just because, stuff like that. These instances have a different kind of scream. They seem more like a performance, as evidenced by his ability to just turn it on and off. They smell like temper tantrums.

It's an interesting turning point in looking after him, because the decision to provide for him is no longer cut and dry. He's just starting to get old enough that he can form expectations based on repeated actions. We have to walk that line where we decide if his whine is because he needs something, or wants something. Dr. Cargopants warned us not to make him too comfortable, in particular with toys, indicating we should leave them out of reach on purpose so he can develop his motor skills and learn to move about on his own.

Despite this annoying new habit of whining when he doesn't get his way, he still manages to be remarkably cute the rest of the time. He's a pretty good eater, a good traveler and does surprisingly well among large groups of people he doesn't know. I guess I bring this topic up mostly because I can't believe we're already at the stage where he does this. He'll be ten months already this week. Where did the time go?


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