Simon the explorer

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 2:02 PM | comments: 0

I think we've been pretty lucky with Simon, for a lot of reasons, but lately because he's so active. This kid lives to get outside and explore. Given his rather robust proportions, this is a great thing. The late arrival of crawling and walking was frustrating, for him and for us, but he's making up for lost time.

Walks are a daily ritual for Simon, twice a day even. Each walk is a minimum of a quarter mile round trip (I measured it on my bike). We've done some walks with him that even get close to a mile, and he just takes it in stride. He loves the independence, and when he's not sure, he'll actively seek out our hand and take us where he wants to go.

He has his favorite things, including the playground closest to our place. He can now get to the top of the play structure on his own, sit down at the slide, and go down it on his own. He's extremely confident with this, even though he hesitates to take the little step down from the sidewalk to the wood chips without a hand. He also loves dogs, one of which knocked him over pretty hard the other day. He points at signs, and traffic lights are pretty much the most exciting things ever invented.

I'm a little bit worried about what happens when the weather gets crappy (that process has already started). The boy gets stir crazy very easily! He does have his favorite toys and what not, but he likes to run around and do stuff.


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