Simon's anti-sleep field

posted by Jeff | Friday, June 4, 2010, 5:25 PM | comments: 0

Today was one of a handful of days where Simon decided that sleep was not a priority, and that would mean he would be miserable and make Diana miserable. I got the call around 3, and fortunately our boss gave an informal blessing for us to leave a training seminar that was frankly not valuable, at least, not to people on our team. My co-codemonkey and I found a comfortable place to tinker with our own science projects, so we weren't working on anything critical anyway.

When I got home, Simon gave some laughs and acted like he had been fine all day, but the fact that he was rubbing his eyes and was so tired that he'd sit in your arms (he's usually too busy to do that when awake) told a different story. Diana left for her knitting group, and I took over trying to coax him into at least a nap before his long evening sleep.

He didn't object to swaddling, and he generally seems to love it as long as he's not hungry. As soon as I tried to put him into his crib though, the crying began, with actual tears. The Internets say different things about tears, but imply that he might be old enough where tears mean an actual emotional response. So perhaps in addition to being physically tired out of his mind, he doesn't want to be alone.

I put him down on the couch next to me, tried to sooth him a little, and eventually stretched out myself. I started to doze off, but I still have the impossible need to make sure he's breathing when he's sleeping near me. I lost a lot of sleep that way his first month. In any case, he finally fell asleep after 40 minutes, and I'm still sitting next to him.

Something I try to be mindful of is how I essentially get a break every work day, whereas Diana does not. I try to pick up later feedings with him on weekends and focus on him for his last two waking hours after work. That has been a good balance for me, but I think Diana definitely needs a little more time off from him. It all works better as a partnership.

Well, looks like this nap is only gonna last 30 minutes. I guess that's better than nothing!


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