Simon's one-year check up

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 8:34 PM | comments: 0

Simon got to visit Dr. Cargo Pants today (and she didn't let us down, and was in fact sporting the pants). He's still 80th percentile for weight, 90th for height, but he's generally healthy and doing well.

One of the things I really like about this doctor is that she asks a lot of questions about development. She asked a series of questions about what he did (pointing, clapping, eye contact, eating with his finger and thumb, etc.), including one about "cruising," which we just assumed was her being clever about crawling around really fast. Of course, he's not doing that, so she suggested that he be evaluated for possible therapy to help him along. That seemed a little odd to me, not because I'm biased and think he's perfect (I'm all for promoting development), but because the rapid progress he's made in a lot of areas just in the last few weeks leads me to believe he's kicking ass. So I told her that he had no problem walking around against the couch, or the bench in the waiting room, and apparently that's what "cruising" is. She said he was fine. So there you go, now you new parent friends of mine know how to answer that question.

I think the walking is getting close now, and I wouldn't be even a little surprised if he did it before he crawled. Not only can he walk around the L-shaped couch on his own, but as long as he has something to grab, he has no issue pulling himself up to a standing position. It's annoying that he can't figure out how to sit up, but he'll go from his belly to standing up against your leg no problem. He's also showing motivation to move between the couch and you if you're not particularly close to it. Right now this means falling, but I think he's putting it together.

Looking at the photos and video of Tyler and Beth's little Nolan really brings home how much change there is in a year. They posted video of him rooting around when you touch his lips, and I nearly forgot that Simon ever did that. The changes are more gradual after the first three or four months, but looking at them over a year, it's really insane. I look ahead at how his three-year-old cousin Nina, who we first met in her first few months, can now sit and color and mold Play-doh into stuff, and it blows my mind that Simon will do that before we know it. Not to mention talk, ride a bike and graduate from college.


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