Simon's second barfy day

posted by Jeff | Thursday, March 17, 2011, 8:22 PM | comments: 0

My boy is literally a hot mess. When I got home today, he was whiney and had that restless "I'm not comfortable" thing going on. It didn't help that he's constipated again. So we got him into a nice hot bath, which fortunately cooled him off and made him more comfortable. So comfortable in fact that he squeezed out a deuce in the tub. After refilling, we gave him some more time in there.

He didn't care for getting out of the bath, probably because he started to get the shivers. We parked in front of the TV to watch sprout, and I covered him up again in his blanket. He hadn't been eating well all day (mostly liquid), but Diana gave him a little puree stuff, which he seemed happy to eat. He was drinking some water too, which made me happy, because I worry about him staying hydrated.

The send of panic came shortly after he ate, which I unfortunately did not read correctly. His dinner came back, in my lap. It was actually fairly well contained compared to yesterday's spill, but even then I couldn't believe how much of it there was. I just felt so bad for him. We both recall childhood memories about how much it sucks to yack.

So it was another early bed time for him, and he's already been up twice. Diana pulled off his sleep sack the first time, as he was 101, and he was still very warm when I picked him up the second time. Fortunately, he was willing to drink cold water, and seemed to feel better immediately. He did some babbling, did a quick clap, and even a little giggle when mommy peek-a-boo'd around the burp rag he was inspecting. It was the first time I've seen him happy since Tuesday.

I suspect it may be another long night. I got up with him around 1 last night, and Diana did I think around 4. I really have a hard time seeing him like this. One of the best times of any day is when I see him for the first time in the morning or after work, and right now he's just not his normal happy self.


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