Simon's second illness

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 8:59 PM | comments: 0

I think we've been generally pretty lucky with Simon. He had sniffles his second week of life, but beyond that, he hasn't been really sick. A little minor congestion here and there, and the nagging pain of his super-teething, but he's been otherwise pretty healthy.

He had his first real sickness about six weeks ago, with the barfing and fever. It wasn't pleasant, but it went about three or four days and he was good to go again. It's surprising that we're in that territory again so quickly.

Simon was weird on Sunday, not really eating. At the PEPS gathering at the park, he didn't seem his usual charming self. Late in the afternoon, we put him in his high chair, and he spewed. He closed in on 100 degrees and he was miserable. He didn't sleep particularly well over night, and Diana was up with him a lot.

He seemed better for much of Monday, even if he wasn't eating. Then in the evening he started to get yucky again. We got him sleeping in short blocks, separated by a lot of crying. That he couldn't tell us what was wrong was frustrating. His eyes were very fearful, like he wasn't sure if the pain and/or discomfort he was having would end. It's heartbreaking to see that. Usually, when something is wrong, mom or dad can pick him up and it's all good. It's an awful feeling to be helpless to do anything for him.

Oddly enough, he felt much better after he barfed, some time after 11. It was a tense half-hour or so. We don't communicate well when one of us is covered in barf and Simon is screaming. He only woke up one time over night after that.

Today he seemed to be in good spirits, but still didn't eat well. He's also acquired a cough, which we don't recall him ever having. He drained an impressive bottle of milk at bed time, and was the most precious thing in my lap after that, just chilling out. So adorable, and so glad he seems to feel a little better.

I was talking with one of my new coworkers today, with four boys of various ages, and he assured me it was a lot easier once they can tell you where it hurts, and you can explain to them that they're not dying. Not that I'm anxious for him to grow up, but that will put my mind at ease to some degree.


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