Simon's second roller coaster

posted by Jeff | Saturday, September 8, 2012, 10:18 PM | comments: 0

Simon's first roller coaster was Tiny Toot at Silverwood, in Idaho. Wouldn't have been my first choice, because as a powered ride, it doesn't so much in the way of coasting. But whatever, it counts, and I got the credit, too. I was thrilled today to take him on Jr. Gemini at Cedar Point, which I haven't been on myself since I was small enough to ride without an adult.

Simon was cheering as the train came back to the station, and all of the kids on there clearly had a good time. Fortunately, we were able to sit in the front row as the first up for the next ride. I say fortunately because the trains are impossibly small, even for someone of average height, like me. Simon was a little unsure of it, with a good solid hold on the lap bar, and I think it helped that the seat belt was nice and tight.

As we started up the hill, he seemed OK with the whole thing. He continued to be OK through the big drop, but at the top of the next hill, when it kind of lurches back down, he was not thrilled and started to panic a little. By the time we rolled back into the station, he was OK again, but put his hands up and indicated, "All done, all done." So we got off while everyone else did another lap.

I was proud of him though. I won't force him to ride it again, but I will ask him when the opportunity arises. He followed the ride up with Snoopy Bounce, and seemed like he wanted to ride. I don't think he's comfortable really exploring it with all of the other kids in there, but he stood at the interest and did some jumping, and seemed pretty proud of himself. Then he came back out, got his shoes from the cubby, and brought them to Diana.

Other than that, we did a lap on the train, and he seemed to enjoy that. It was a nice little family evening at the park. I finally met up with one of the guys I've known virtually via CoasterBuzz for years, who has hooked me up with a lot of tickets over the years, but never worked the day I was at his park.

I'm admittedly not enthusiastic for Cleveland, and I hope that living here is not a long-term arrangement (unless the best job ever presents itself, whatever that might be), but the one thing about summers that I just can't deny is awesome is hanging out at Cedar Point. That I get to bring my little offspring there is awesome every time. It doesn't even matter that I don't get to ride. He loves to walk around, hold the exit gates for people, say "weeeeeee" when people ride coasters, and, as we discovered tonight, is really into live singing. Dragster scares the shit out of him, but I think that's mostly because it's loud.

I hope he's up for some Friday Halloweekends this year!


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