Sleep adjustment update

posted by Jeff | Sunday, August 1, 2010, 9:37 PM | comments: 0

A day and a half in to Simon's sleep situation adjustment, it has been a mixed bag. The naps have been mostly awful, though he did get a good one in around lunch time. The afternoon effort was a disaster, as it was yesterday. Last night, he actually slept a really long time, not getting up until 3 something. Tonight he went to sleep after minimal protest, but I also figure that he was exhausted out of his mind.

The other complication, particularly for those afternoons, is that if he goes long enough without sleeping, and just crying, he gets closer to the next time he's hungry. He might even be getting there faster given the energy he uses to cry and scream. We think he's doing a little acting too, because he's all smiles once you pick him up.

It's hard to hear him scream, and it's even harder for Diana. But I do think we're making real progress. And really, with all of the time he'll spend on airplanes in the coming months, he needs to be as flexible to sleeping as possible, or he'll make us and lots of other people miserable.

I spent a lot of time this afternoon just observing him. The way he analyzes his hands is pretty fascinating, and I wish that translated to him putting those fingers in his mouth when he "needs" the pacifier. Diana is a little worried about his overall development, but I think he's up on some things, and behind on others. We'd love it if he'd roll over, but on the flip side, I think he's an exceptional babbler and noise maker.


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