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posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 15, 2005, 10:41 PM | comments: 0

I think I'm finally getting over the general malaise I had been feeling toward writing code. Aside from the revamp of CampusFish, I haven't written much in the last two months, mostly because of that damn book. Fortunately that is finished and out of my life unless they decide to do a second edition at some point down the road.

I had written an ad serving algorithm about, I don't know, three years ago, when I scored a direct-sold campaign for Cedar Point on CoasterBuzz. The goofy thing about it is that it had no front end at all. I had to set stuff up by manually adding records to the database. That's pretty much the way it stayed until a few weeks ago.

I got enough of it done before the start of the month to start serving a new campaign, but it still lacked reporting and the ability to edit a lot of other stuff. It also wasn't "pretty," but it's typical that I don't do any actual design stuff until it's mostly done. In many cases, I do some design stuff mid-project because I'm more inclined to finish it when it looks like an actual product.

Since last night I've made some pretty good strides, and I've essentially got the reporting stuff and user administration to do. The reporting stuff is a little more tricky because the system has to aggregate tons-o-data into something more easily searched. Data warehousing is not my strong point. I also can't seem to find the SQL I devised to do some of that reporting work. Bugger.

Anyway, I'm finally regaining focus, and at least I've got something here that I can sell. There's no telling if anyone will buy it, but just the feeling that I finished something for a change will be nice.


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