Sometimes you just have to watch

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, December 28, 2011, 9:04 PM | comments: 0

This afternoon, Diana went outside with Simon to do some walking around, and I thought about how much I like just watching them. I like to see how they interact, how they do stuff. It's kind of neat the way he surprises you. I also love seeing Diana just be a mom.

Given our unfortunate car accident, and the thoughts that circle your head about the worst possible scenario when some idiot potentially causes you harm, my thoughts have been in a bad place. It's easy to forget about how positive the future can be. You just don't know, and sometimes all you can do is watch.

What really brought it home this week was looking at all kinds of old photos, seeing Diana as this tiny little redhead, running around with her brothers. Heck, there was even a photo of Katie Holmes, probably age 5, and you probably wouldn't have guessed at the time she'd be a movie star (the family lived near Diana in Toledo). There is endless potential that you can only watch for and see what happens. Assuming the worst is not productive.


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