Spam, worms and virii, oh my!

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 3, 2004, 8:04 AM | comments: 2
You'd think the world was being brought to its knees when you read about the things on the Internet that are naughty.

First it's about spam. "E-mail isn't useful anymore." Nonsense. Technology to block spam has really matured, and very quickly in the last year if you ask me. If you don't have some kind of filter software on your computer, your ISP or mail server should at their end. My mail server gets very nearly all spam. It catches 150 messages a day for me. I rarely get more than one in a day that gets through. Spam is not a big deal.

Worms I think have generally become a non-threat because at home people are using routers more than ever, so even if they have something vulnerable on their computer, the worms can't reach in to find it.

The latest virus isn't a software problem, it's a people problem. I debated this with a guy in a forum recently. He said MyDoom was Microsoft's fault for their "insecure" e-mail program. Nonsense. If you are stupid enough to execute an attachment sent to you be e-mail that you weren't expecting, you might as well invite the guy who wrote the virus into your home, give him a cup of coffee and sit him down in front of your computer. The software doesn't matter.

So on one hand, John Q. Internet user is getting better about living in a connected world. There are still challenges of course. A lot of people still don't use anti-virus software (which is like going on a slutty sex spree without condoms). Then some software people do use is overly paranoid and keeps normal Web sites from working right (blocking cookies and referrers, for example).

The problems are still more human then technological, if you ask me.



February 3, 2004, 3:25 PM # Yeah... and I have to talk to the stupid fucks everyday.

The ISP I work at have been using Postini for around a year now. However, our customers think that it is all the protection they need, no matter how many times we tell them that it isn't there to remove ALL of the crap.

People still call me all the time and ask if Jdbgmgr.exe is really a bad file. People will never learn. Which is good because otherwise I would be out of a job.


February 3, 2004, 9:58 PM # I should have added that they call me after they have delected Jdbgmgr.exe.

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