Speak and demo

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 16, 2013, 10:55 PM | comments: 0

It probably comes as no surprise, given my broadcast background, that I really dig presenting stuff to people. The unfortunate thing is that I haven't really done it very much in recent years.

I've already done it twice at my current gig, presenting and demonstrating stuff to our developers. Granted, this is pretty informal, and I don't exactly prep for it hardcore. I'm also going to speak to the local user group, but not until February. It's a lot of fun, and hopefully it means I'm tackling, in some small way, my complaint about how developer education isn't what it needs to be.

I should probably do more in an online way to build a brand and do all of the things that make it possible to really thrive by speaking at conferences and such, but that's a lot of work unless that's your actual job. I've also noticed that in most jobs, I'm not working on stuff that I can easily share information about anyway.


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