Star Wars: Too much of a good thing

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 10:45 PM | comments: 0

I haven't yet seen Solo, the latest Star Wars movie, but probably this weekend. The movie had an opening weekend that wasn't as epic as Disney would have liked, though director Ron Howard said it's a personal best for him. The entertainment press is asking if Disney has lost their mojo or something, but I think it's very simply an issue of saturation.

We're just coming off of Episode VIII, which came a year after Rogue One. When Disney bought Lucasfilm and talked about doing the mythology films every other year, in a set of three, that seemed pretty cool, and fans were ready for it. Then they added the origin stories to intersperse, which sounded like a good idea, but now it's starting to feel like there is so much out there that it's just not as... special. The prequels were not great in retrospect, but we overlooked their shortcomings because 16 years had passed and we wanted something new. Then we waited a decade for something new, eager to right the ship, and it was awesome.

But I can definitely see how there's a scarcity benefit. That's why I kind of tuned out from the Marvel movies, because there were so many. They're less special if there's always one in the theater. The scarcity might be a thing that helps most forms of art. I wonder, would I like Garbage as much if they put out an album every year? Would Monet be cool if everyone could have one in their house?

Maybe Disney should slow down on the Star Wars movies.


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