Staycation incoming

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 4:30 PM | comments: 0

I'm ready to unplug with my first full-week off, concerned with burnout, but I'm not going anywhere. My passport renewal finally came back, and I wish I knew it ahead of time because I would have happily knocked out a little weekend cruise. Instead, I'm mapping out a list of things to do that qualify as self-care and relaxation.

First thing on the list is going to see a movie. I haven't done that since before the pandemic. The reason isn't even Covid-related, there just haven't been a ton of movies I wanted to see in the theater. We have no less than three different brands of dine-in theaters near us, of varying degrees of quality and cost. I miss that. I even used to go by myself from time to time. Next thing is an Epcot lunch and maybe even a return for dinner. We haven't been to the parks much in the summer months, because it's too damn hot, but I miss dropping in, doing a lap on something, getting a beverage or whatever. A massage and/or pedicure is probably in the cards. Maybe miniature golf on the course that Simon doesn't care for (Fantasia Gardens Fairways).

The funny thing is, I'm not planning to do anything exotic, but there are all of these things that I enjoy that I just haven't done much of for whatever reason.


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