Staying positive is easier in the big picture

posted by Jeff | Monday, February 11, 2002, 1:29 AM | comments: 0

It really is easy to sit around and figure that the world is incredibly fucked up. This weekend I watched a fascinating show about how exactly the World Trade Center collapsed, and then saw the WTC flag brought in at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. It made me remember how screwed up things have been, and indeed the reason I'm unemployed right now.

Actually, a little reminder about what happened 9/11 isn't such a bad thing. Watching the US rebound, or even seeing determination to rebound, feels good. I know I need as many reasons as possible to feel good. I've been on the street for three months and it sucks.

Coaching volleyball has been a great distraction for me, thank God. The kids are really too busy to think too much about what happened. Despite dealing with the usual trauma of being a teenager (and remember that the trauma doesn't seem that trivial when you're in high school), they seem pretty well adjusted.

This weekend I had an experience with them that seemed to be a metaphor for the way life can go, if you make up your mind to make it happen. In our first tournament, we tanked all three of our pool play games. It was like they were abducted by aliens or something. Granted, I'd make the argument that we haven't had enough practice time, but this was sad.

After a break, we returned to the lower playoff bracket to see what we could make happen. What do you know, we won both games in grand style, beating the team we lost to the hardest in pool play (who oddly enough didn't make it into the upper bracket).

Despite three games that were painful to watch, they returned with their minds made up to not let mediocrity get the best of them. Three games of suckdom, two games a determined rebound.

Three months of suckdom, it's time to have my two months of determined rebound.


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