Stephanie's unofficial birthday party

posted by Jeff | Monday, January 20, 2003, 9:46 AM | comments: 0

Saturday was Stephanie's birthday. We had another one of our themed parties, not really telling anyone it was her birthday, but it was an underlying reason for it. This time we went with a "rave" theme, though we kind of mixed it with a fetish and goth theme, depending on how any particular guest interpreted it. Regardless, it turned out right!

My dearest wife was gorgeous as usual. Even better, she was very extra friendly toward me with alcohol, so that was a bonus. She's such a cutie, especially when she dresses up. It was fun to have her be a couple inches taller than me with those giant boots, too. The only down side was that I couldn't see her birthday present being fully clothed. What was it? Well, you'll have to ask her about that! ;)

It was good to see some of our friends as well. Dan and Maria always kick ass to have around, even though Dan failed to tell Maria that getting hoochied out was part of the party goal. Cousin Dave and future cousin-in-law Nikki were also there, perhaps a little uncomfortable around the girls in the best outfits. Even Tyson and Cathy came by, who deny any coupledom, but it's so there if you ask me.

Kristin and Rob came looking freaky, which I give them a lot of credit for, because I can't think of two people who would be further outside of that "club culture." Good for them!

The party was a good chance to get to better know some of Steph's friends from school. Nicole and Kris were decked out with easily the two best outfits at the party, no question about it. Nicole had this long skirt that was more or less two pieces of overlapping fabric, with a corset, fishnets and large boots (the corset was great for showing off what I consider one of the coolest tattoos I've ever seen). Kris had this one-piece vinyl dress that left nothing to the imagination. Both were well complimented by their friend Alex, who showed up with vinyl pants and a variety of torture devices. The three of them disappeared for about 30 minutes upstairs, and one can only imagine what was going on up there!

Alison, "the nice Catholic girl," recently dyed her hair black. I mean absorb light black. I have to say I really liked it. Another school friend, Kristin (yeah, another one) was as usual the life of the party with more stories than one could laugh at.

I enjoyed getting a chance to talk to Steph's friends. They're pretty cool people overall and the party was a real ice breaker. I hope I get to see more of them!

The party started to wind down around 1 a.m. or so, and Kristin and Rob were the last to leave around 2. Unfortunately, this was about the same time that I realized I had too much to drink. Funny thing about that combination of music and friends is that I don't really pay attention to what I'm doing. Seeing as how I only really drink heavily five or six times in a year, I don't have much tolerance, and my body can't take the abuse the way it did in college, I yacked for the first time in about eight years (the last and first time being in college). Not fun, but at least everyone was gone by that time. The recovery was even worse. Very irresponsible of me, and I feel like an ass for letting it go that far.

But now that it's all beyond me, I've finally found the afterglow, the feeling where you're really happy about the way things went. It was easily one of the best parties we've had, second only to perhaps last summer's luau. It made me realize a lot of things about how good life really is, how lucky I am to have such an incredible wife and how great 2003 can be, if I choose to make it great.


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