Stop and be sick

posted by Jeff | Monday, June 20, 2022, 3:22 PM | comments: 0

I've been going at my hobbies pretty relentlessly lately, writing lots of code, making video, and stuff. But then on Friday, I woke up with that weird tickle in my throat, and just felt crappier by the hour. I made it to my last meeting at 3:30, and checked out immediately after. The fever and stuff came that night. On Saturday, I took a Covid test, as one does these days, and was negative for that, fortunately. Diana had a pretty bad sinus infection previously that she struggled with for a week, and this felt a little like that, although I seemed to have turned a corner. I had a little fever this morning but slept it off. Still a little pressure in the head, but not like yesterday.

It's just remarkable to me though how this stopped me in my tracks. I have in recent months really felt like I wake up with purpose every morning (again, pretty sure it's the bupropion), eager to do stuff, and this illness just stopped it all. I'm usually zen about being sick. I watch the movies that make me feel better (Pitch Perfect marathon!) and just turn off my brain. But I noticed this time I was anxious to get back to it all.

As Covid restrictions have lifted, I really expected to be subject to more of the common stuff that causes illness, especially with a child in school, but that hasn't really panned out. My last illness, not counting the 24 hours of side effects from the vaccines, was a little less than a year ago with something very similar. While I'm remote, Diana works in a theater, which is a whole lot of people gathering in one place. So my point is that I'm surprised at how infrequently I've been sick in the last year.

Ready for this to pass. I've got a lot going on this month!


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