Strides and setbacks

posted by Jeff | Monday, November 6, 2006, 1:13 PM | comments: 1

Quite by accident, I ate pretty well most of the weekend. I actually got through without eating any fries at all, which is unusual. Again, it wasn't really on purpose, it just happened that way. Still feels much better to know I wasn't being an asshole after finding out what my blood work looked like.

The setback was yesterday afternoon, when I pigged the fuck out at Cheesecake Factory. I ate there for the first time about a month ago with Cath, and I was stunned at just how many different things they had there. It all looks so fantastic, even the stuff I wouldn't normally eat. This time I had teriyaki chicken with white rice. The portions are so huge, so I should have quit at that point, but I saw someone else get something chocolate, and I couldn't resist. I got some chocolate tower something-or-other that was awesome (for the record, cheesecake is a little rich for my tastes). Cath and I each ate a significant portion, and still took some home.

I was so ridiculously full after that. What a contrast to the day before, where I had a little sweet-and-sour chicken at the zoo, Friday leftovers and popcorn at the movies. It's weird how I can binge at times and not even realize it until after it's done.

Stephanie outlined some relatively simple steps to take, one at a time, to get my overhaul eating habits in the right direction and get my chemistry closer to where it should be. Of the five things she suggested, two I already do, but I need to resolve to take action toward some of the others. The only thing really radical that I need to do is get off my ass and exercise. The other things should come fairly easy. We'll see what the doctor thinks too if he ever gets around to calling me.


Tekno, November 6, 2006, 8:06 PM #

Binging is definitely my problem. And it usually follows a bout of boredom. Esp. on weekends. Yeah, it sucks to live in the middle of no where, but oh well...

I've noticed when I live elsewhere and am able to provide a broader range of stimulation to myself, I eat WAY less. Wed. I'm going to sign up for the new local wellness center, so hopefully that and my iPod will boost some weight loss and less eating time.

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