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posted by Jeff | Sunday, August 1, 2010, 10:21 PM | comments: 0

I noticed that my blog entry count for July was the lowest it has been since I was between girlfriends about three years ago (how many posts could I make about how f'd up dating was?). I'm not sure the reason right now, but part of it I think is just sheer exhaustion. So here's stuff I either will write about or won't because it's not really blog worthy...

  • Being exhausted. I have been. Part of it is that I haven't been sleeping well, but I can't pin that to any particular reason. I passed out for two hours straight on the couch this afternoon.
  • Weight loss. Annoyed with my eating habits, I started tracking WW points again two weeks ago on my phone, and have since lost two pounds. I'd love to get to my 2005 weight or less by Thanksgiving. I don't want to hate food anymore.
  • Lego Harry Potter. Could account for the lack of sleep and lack of blog posts. Best of the entire Lego video game series, hands down.
  • TV lookback. We watched a surprising amount of TV this season, despite cancellations. Of course, it took us until a few weeks ago to finally catch up. We barely watch anything in the summer. Less TV is good.
  • Life at Microsoft. I'm starting to really get into working there in a meaningful way, and have even entertained a job change that at this point doesn't look likely. Related: the forum app for MVC and recruiting a former fellow ICOM'er.
  • Missing the old scene. I sure as hell have no desire to move back to Cleveland, and yet I'm really feeling isolated lately. July was hard, more than I expected.
  • Houses. I still own one 2,000 miles away. I want desperately to get rid of it and buy one here. We want to move, even if it means another rental. This apartment sucks.
  • Volleyball. I'm not doing anything to make coaching next JO season a reality, and it'll be tryout time before I know it. Shit. I gotta start talking to clubs.
  • People dying. This one I've mostly processed out, but there was a time where it seemed like I knew too many people that were unexpectedly dying. Emma back in Cleveland was especially hard to hear.
  • Windows Phone 7. We all get one for free. I'm trying to think of an app to build for launch. There's a contest at work if you build one that's particularly awesome. I don't have enough ideas.
  • A day off for me. I want to take a day off, but just for myself, where I can work on code projects, read, whatever, but I can't be that selfish. I'd rather spend the time with Diana and Simon.

So there you have it. That's a brain dump. Perhaps I'll sleep better! See, there is more to my life than just Simon, though he sure is the most interesting part of it.


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