Summer is winter

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 14, 2015, 9:45 PM | comments: 1

I'm a little relentless about relishing the suffering people endure in winter, what with the cold and the snow and gray skies. It probably makes me kind of a dick, and I'm probably too proud of myself for deciding to move to a place that doesn't have real winter.

This is our third summer in Orange County, or technically, second and a half since we moved in July. The truth is, I have to agree with some of my friends who have lived here longer, that summer can be a little brutal. I mean, it's kind of relative, because certainly Northeast Ohio gets stupid hot and humid too, though at least we have the subtropical air currents keeping us from going too high. It just lasts longer, with daily 90's starting in June and ending mid-September. That's about four months of consistent, 90+ weather, with a whole lot of rain. You tend to not be in a hurry to spend lots of time outside, but we do it anyway. Maybe that's the core thing to remember: It's hot, but it doesn't prevent you from being outside.

So it isn't suffering, but it is the season you want to get through faster. By the time Halloween rolls in, you're topping out in the mid-80's with cool sub-70 evenings. Christmas is full on jacket weather, with highs in the 70's and downright chilly evenings below 50. (And tourists still show up in shorts, as if there is no Internet to check the forecast.) Regular 80's don't start again until April.

Half of our year is hot, the other half is perfect. Compared to 1/4 hot, less than half perfect-ish, and 1/3 too cold, I'll take the Central Florida arrangement, thank you.



September 16, 2015, 9:52 PM #

Yep, 100 percent agree. When my company gave me the chance to relocate to Phoenix 5 years ago I jumped on it. Yes, the summers are somewhat brutal. However, that is only about 3 months and I have AC and a pool. The only downfall is that my local theme park is about six hours away. Oh well, I have been spending that time at Wet N Wild Phoenix and the excellent White Water West slides they have.

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