Sun Microsystems is full of stupid people

posted by Jeff | Saturday, March 9, 2002, 1:03 AM | comments: 0

I've spent a lot of time hating Microsoft over the years just because I can't stand when shit crashes on my computer. Despite all this, I am so tired of these clueless idiots and the feds fucking with Microsoft. I sincerely believe they're being penalized for their success under the influence of their competition.

So I read today on C-Net that now Sun wants to sue them. The suit says Microsoft violated anti-trust law and should be punished. But here's the kicker... Sun makes server products, which has nothing to do with the anti-trust case. Rather, this is a pre-emptive strike, to try and stifle Microsoft's .Net platform before it gets too popular and threatens Sun's Java platform.

It has become this stupid cliche now. "Oh, we're not doing well in the marketplace, it must be Microsoft's fault!" When are these stupid companies going to start taking responsibility for their own failures?

Microsoft has finally been able to get their shit together. Windows XP is solid, and the .Net Framework kicks ass in every way for Web development. Hell, it's what runs this very site. I say good for them, and best of luck in the quest to dominate that environment as well. Let the marketplace decide what the best products are. We don't need the feds or Sun deciding for us.


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