Technical validation at last!

posted by Jeff | Friday, February 21, 2020, 11:05 PM | comments: 0

Tuesday night, I migrated the PointBuzz forums to the hosted forum app, and the site that served as v1 more than 20 years ago came full circle as the first customer. Both of the sites had been running on a similar version for some time, but there's something different going on here that provides a mountain of technical validation that I didn't have before.

Without nerding too hard, I really wanted to prove that all of the stuff I wrote to scale the app worked. Not worked to scale, but worked at all. If you go back in history, the forums were always written to be this self-contained thing that would work on shared hosting (hello 1999!), so breaking it up into cloud-first pieces was a lot of work. But several big things worked out:

I'm also trying out Azure Insights for monitoring. It's pretty cool, but the cost seems a little steep so far, I think averaging a buck a day for relatively low traffic. It also doesn't monitor the Redis service. Like any service, you can feed it custom events, so I might be doing that to instrument the caching both local and on Redis.

So now I just need customers. Selling is not my strong point, but I have some ideas to get the name out there and perhaps line up some "free" customers as promotion. I have a reasonably baked product, and that's very exciting.


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