Technology and war coverage

posted by Jeff | Friday, March 28, 2003, 3:57 PM | comments: 0

As the war goes on, I'm fascinated by the news coverage. With the Internet, we can see how it's being covered from pretty much every country, and the differences are sobering.

Naturally, as objective as the US press tries to be, they rarely get to what's really going on because they're so excited to have people traveling with the troops. I don't think they're intentionally neglecting the other side of the front, but they're so caught up in their "embedded" coverage that we're only getting half of the story.

If you search around international sources, the story isn't about the loss of a couple dozen coalition troops, it's about hundreds of hurt civilians, massive property destruction and starving kids. They also ask the US folks in the briefings the same thing every day, "Have you found the weapons of mass-destruction?" Sadly the answer is still no, and that's something to be concerned about since we've covered most of the country already.

I wish Americans would actively seek out the entire story. I support our people and want it over quick, but I'm still not sold on the cause.

I still worry about that more than anything. The human price of this conflict is already too high on both sides of the conflict. If we don't get that proof, was it really worth it? Will the Iraqi people be better off in what could potentially result in a three-way civil war? So many questions.

I'm tired of seeing crying wives and children state-side already. I'm tired of seeing Iraqi women and children begging US troops for food. I'm even more disturbed by the promise that the whole thing is going to get more ugly in the coming days.

I hope it's over soon... for everyone's sake.


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