Thankful for comfort

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 8:44 PM | comments: 0

An acquaintance of mine, who is about a decade younger and therefore entering the 30's, wrote recently about how life seems to not get easier with time. Things change, plans don't work out, people die, bad things happen. I have no idea where the expectation comes from that you grow up and being an adult makes everything easier, because I don't know many people who really have an easy go of it. Everyone has something.

When I take inventory, I find myself being disappointed with the way things turned out post-college to some extent, but also I'm happy about how I've spent the last decade and change turning it around as best I can. Now, in the midst of parenthood, it feels like life is hard again. I've kind of resigned to the fact that all we can really do is manage the challenges as best we can and choose to embrace the best parts of life. Choosing to be miserable seems like a waste of time.

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday in the United States, because originally it was really a harvest event rooted in European tradition. But in the long run, the holiday evolved into something more important for families and friends, to gather and reflect on the good parts of life. And eating, which is fantastic for someone like me who loves turkey.

So what am I thankful for? I realize that despite our challenges, we do have comfort. When things are hard, we still get to eat good food and reside in a very comfortable home. That situation is not lost on me. Our bigger picture could be more difficult. Something about fall and cooler weather reinforces this... a combination of sweaters and blankets and fires and cuddling with your significant other. That's all rooted in the feeling of home.

This is our second Thanksgiving in the "new" place, and this year we're having my in-law family in, including my brother-in-law's family from Seattle. It's gonna be a tight squeeze in Puzzoni World Headquarters, but I'm excited to share the comfort of our home with Simon's cousins.


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