Thankful for great relationships

posted by Jeff | Thursday, December 30, 2010, 11:35 PM | comments: 0

Sometimes things come up that remind me how fortunate I've been with prior relationships. Let's be honest... relationships end either by break-up or death. That's just the reality that you have to deal with. So if you're not having an epic love story, something that transcends the inevitable break-up, why bother?

I've had five of these relationships total, though I still question if the first qualifies because I was kind of a pathetic moron at the time (college). I also have no contact with the first, while I do have fairly regular contact with the three in between. I'm also fortunate that Diana is not threatened by this continued contact. She genuinely understands that these are people that were an important part of my life.

So what got me to thinking about this? Music, of course. XM pretty much made it worth the entire year subscription on the commute in both directions today. It was like it was playing my life's soundtrack back to me. One of those songs was that Pearl Jam song from earlier this year:

"Oh I'm a lucky man, to count on both hands the ones I've love. Some folks have one, yeah others they got none."

OK, so I'm only counting on one hand, but that lyric sticks with me every time I hear it. 

One might argue that these relationship "failures" couldn't be that epic if they ended, but you know, the fact that we remain friends demonstrates just how epic they were. The last time I had to date, the thought crossed my mind several times: "Is this someone I could be friends with after a break-up?" I figured if you couldn't pass that test, you certainly couldn't be marriage or parent material.

And in case you wonder, no, I have no desire to ever add to this total. I'm pretty happy with my baby's mama. :)


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