That morning travel excitement feeling

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 11:11 PM | comments: 0

I've described myself as a morning person who hates getting up in the morning. I tend to get my best sleep in the morning because I stay up late or until my brain gives me a break. But once I can shake off the sleepiness, I kind of like being up and about, even before the sun rises. But for the most part, that's not a normal part of the routine. In fact, it seems like that scenario comes up the most when I'm traveling somewhere. That's an exciting feeling.

I remember it at weird times, too. The other day I had a doctor appointment early, and since I was out, I stopped to get a breakfast hockey puck from McDonald's, a kind of gross but oddly pleasurable thing to do when there isn't time to eat at home. I just parked under a tree and enjoyed the greasy thing. For a few moments, it felt like a break in the routine, and it reminded me of setting up to road trip or go to the airport. Isn't it weird how something so unimportant could instill those kinds of feelings?

Life seems so routine lately. It's not a grind, but the work week typically goes by pretty fast, because there's plenty to do. I try to get out for lunch at least once or twice during the week. Before you know it, it's another weekend, and another month has passed. But that little feeling of excitement, I want to have more of that. I don't think it needs to be from travel, it just has to be variation from the routine.


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