The 2019 Playlist

posted by Jeff | Sunday, December 22, 2019, 11:40 PM | comments: 0

Take cover, here are the tunes that defined my 2019. This is the weakest playlist I've had in years. It's really short, and that's even with a bunch of songs from musicals in it. It's totally disappointing.

Actual albums that weren't musical were in short supply this year. There were only two that stuck out: Solutions by K.Flay, and How Do You Love by The Regrettes. I really dig both of them. Other album candidates were Young The Giant and Billie Eilish, but listening to the previews of the songs that weren't singles did not motivate me.

So I'm thankful for the musicals. We did another Broadway run in New York for our 10th anniversary, while having the best season yet at Dr. Phillips Center here in Orlando. Our spontaneous win in New York was The Prom, which is brilliant in every way, but was robbed of any Tony's despite a bunch of nominations. But whatever, count it as another show where we saw the original cast, and they were awesome. Can't wait for it to tour (and maybe the Netflix version, which is loaded with stars that aren't the original cast). Back in Orlando, we saw the tours for Dear Evan Hansen and Come From Away, both of which were completely awesome. I was especially surprised at how good Come From Away was. As a quasi-musical, the full body of work for the film Frozen 2 is thematically complete in a way the first wasn't (until they turned it into a stage show), provided you add back in the songs cut but included on the deluxe soundtrack. "I Seek The Truth" in particular is so good.

There were some great singles here and there. AJR, Portugal The Man, Mallrat, Red Hearse, Lana Del Rey covering Sublime, Shaed, Sofi Tukker... some very catchy tunes.

There just weren't many of them. Hopefully next year will be better, starting with high hopes for Green Day and my second favorite band of all time, The Naked And Famous.


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