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Last week the three of us had a picnic lunch on the lawn in front of Founders Hall at Ashland University. I've been there before with Diana, and in fact she hung out with me when I did a couple of radio shifts prior to our move out west. But it was so strange being there with Simon. I couldn't imagine or foresee Simon when I was a student there.

One of the things that Diana and I always talk about is how there's such an energy on campus. Any campus, that is. It's not just the memory of attending college, and the very intense four years (or more) that you spend there. It's that combination of all of that learning going on, inside and outside of the class room, and the sense of community there is. It's funny how you even feel that to an extent at Microsoft, as a series of buildings where groups of people work on stuff.

I've thought many times about teaching. With coaching being such an enjoyable part of my life, that shouldn't surprise anyone. That said, I don't think I have another degree in me. Maybe it was just undergrad, but I never felt particularly into class work, save for a few specific classes (like Broadcast Law, where I totally blew the curve). It doesn't help that the politics of university faculties make your average office politics look insignificant.

Still, I love that setting. It was one of my favorite aspects about working at Microsoft. It's nice to get out and walk around during the day.


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