The at-home spring vacation

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, March 12, 2003, 3:00 PM | comments: 0

I had two vacation days that I needed to use this week. Problem was, we couldn't find any really good deals to take a trip, and we'd really like to maintain some forward motion in paying off our credit card so our November Hawaii trip is all cash.

So we decided at the very least that we'd go out to eat a lot and more or less enjoy ourselves. That we did. Here's a recap, the best way I can remember it anyway...

Saturday started with some running around. We brought the camera so we could document the day. We went to a bunch of stores like Best Buy and Home Depot, and eventually Steak-n-Shake, since we had never been there. (Actually, I took a leak in one in Kissimmee, on the way back to the hotel from Medieval Times, where I got drunk.) The food isn't terrible, surprisingly, and it was kind of fun to have milk shakes and greasy food.

Surprisingly enough, we managed to not buy anything at Best Buy. We bought paint for our office. More on that later.

Sunday I had volleyball practice in the morning. Somehow we ended up at a Steak-n-Shake again (different one) for dinner, but had different stuff. I think we went to the mall that day too. Or did we have Chinese at House of Pearl that night? Yikes, I don't even remember, it's such a blur.

On Monday, we started the day with breakfast at Bob "I see old people" Evans. We painted the office. Actually, Steph did about 80% of the work, because my back was killing me from sleeping like a moron and playing volleyball the day before. We moved around the furniture as well so we had an unobstructed view of the window. The dark green on two of the walls is soothing. The pizza and beer we had kicked ass.

Tuesday, we were out and about again, and this time picked up a wireless keyboard and mouse for Steph's computer. Her machine is now more visible in the room, so this reduces clutter. We stopped by John Carroll so Steph could drop off her grades. We ended up having lunch at Chi-Chi's.

We also went to Record Exchange to sell all of the CD's that we had duplicates of (most of which were purchased before we lived together). We racked up about $60 and traded some of that for the original Playstation Dance Dance Revolution, just to be complete in the collection. The best part was this girl working there with the cutest little package. We couldn't stop staring!

Overall, this was not what you might consider an exciting vacation, but for the most part we got to relax and not be at work. That's a pretty good feeling if you ask me. A lot of it is pretty unmemorable, but it doesn't matter, that was kind of the point.

Let me think... this was our restaurant total: Steak-n-Shake twice, Chi-Chi's, Wendy's, Bob Evans, I think it was BW-3 on Friday night, House of Pearl, pizza Monday... that sounds right.

It was nice just to spend quality time with Steph too, and I managed to ignore the need to dive into one of my projects. I feel rested and ready to concentrate more on getting some stuff done...


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