The closest thing to fall

posted by Jeff | Saturday, October 26, 2013, 11:04 PM | comments: 0

We've had some awesomely "cool" weather here in Orlando lately, which is to say that it hasn't been much over 80. Overnight lows have been in the 50's, and we have even busted out the jackets. Last night we braved the crowds at Epcot to say hi to a Cleveland friend, and ironically see Survivor do "Eye Of The Tiger," and it's the closest thing we've had to our beloved Halloweekends at Cedar Point (though obviously not with the many friends we would see there).

With traces of snow and slush last week in Cleveland, I giggle at the fact that those we've left behind have to deal with that mess, but honestly I do miss having a proper fall, with the jacket weather, cool leaves, and the general embrace of the season that is scarce at best here in Orlando. It will get a little cooler over the course of the winter, but it will still be lovely here. In the long run, that's awesome, but I do wish I could have a little taste of real fall.

I have to remember that the perfect days like today (mid-70's and sunny) are going to be pretty normal for us. While the days will be shorter, like anywhere else, I won't have to deal with weeks of flat gray skies and no sun, coupled with cold rain or snow.


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