The computer future is coming into focus

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 5, 2013, 1:20 PM | comments: 0

There has a been a lot of noise and punditry that has transpired in the last two years about PC's and tablets and the death and rise of one or the other. The conversation is somewhat skewed because of marketing speak (namely because of Apple), so reality is a little distorted. Referring to a world as "post-PC" is kind of stupid. It's just that the PC has evolved.

Consider this: At one end, you have Apple who believes that people want tablets for most of the things they do in a connected way. I would tend to think that they're right. The important part of that is the recent development that they are now selling a 128 gig iPad starting at $799. That's a lot of capacity, and it's not cheap. I'm sure there will be growing demand for it, however.

Now consider the other end. Microsoft was dissatisfied enough with the potential for OEM's to build a tablet running Windows that it did the deed itself. Their goal was still to build what they consider a "PC," and the result is the Surface Pro. It's a full and complete Windows computer in a package that is a little thicker than an iPad, and it starts at $899. Put adequate storage and add a mechanical keyboard, and it's about $1,120.

The point here is that what we consider the classic tablet and the classic PC are actually evolving toward each other. I think we'll eventually reach a point where you don't really have to choose, and the cost will start to decrease as it has with any other technology. That's pretty exciting.


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