The demise of TechTV. Good thing they didn't get Disney.

posted by Jeff | Friday, May 7, 2004, 9:55 AM | comments: 2
The mental giants at Comcast bought TechTV, now they're going to close it. How fucking stupid is that?

I don't pretend to know the financials of the network, but I can't imagine it was that bad off. Even if it was, I'd love to here the logic behind buying it, closing it, and trying to divert the audience to a gaming network. That's the single most stupid thing I've ever heard of.

TechTV was finally establishing itself as a brand. It's filled with a lot of young, smart and interesting personalities that people enjoy watching. It's also the TV home to the tech media's good guy, the face of TechTV, Leo Laporte. Now we'll have a gaming channel at 273? Who the hell wants to watch that?

Congratulations to Paul Allen for building something up, cashing in (as if he needed the money) and watching it get torn down. If this is the kind of brilliance that Comcast has, thank God they won't get Disney.

It's a damn shame. I'm going to miss Leo, Patrick, Jessica, Sarah, Kevin, Yoshi, Foo, Cat, Morgan, and yes, even Adam. What a damn fucking shame.


Neuski, May 7, 2004, 2:21 PM #

I think that is a tear rolling down my face. Does that mean I have to take down my Morgan poster now?

freeze, May 7, 2004, 2:53 PM #

After reading this blog, I sit back in my office and wonder, "Huh?" That's the channel with Sarah Lane, right? I have a friend named Sarah Lane.

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