The evolving tablet scene

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, September 24, 2013, 10:05 PM | comments: 0

Microsoft announced updates to their Surface and Surface Pro tablets on Monday. The regular version has a much better screen and is more powerful, so that's a bonus. I have the first generation one, and the browser performance isn't great when you get something really heavy into client-side script. I'm not sure anyone will really buy it, but it looks like a nice, incremental improvement. I haven't used mine much since I don't go out to lunch the way I used to when I was working from home.

The new Pro is really just the ultimate laptop in a tablet form. That sounds awesome, right? It's certainly what I would like to have. The problem is, I think I'm an edge case. It looks like a fabulous idea on paper, but who actually needs that? It's a remarkable piece of hardware, but it's certainly not for the masses.

As I've said before, whether it's the iPad or the Surface (I have both), I'm not much of a tablet guy in either case. I have so little use for apps (that includes the phone variety), and I don't even use the core built-in apps like mail. I'm not "normal" in that sense. Still, since getting a little Kindle Fire HD, I totally see the potential for tablets. The smaller size makes sense. The UI on that thing is just awful, and the browsing performance isn't great, but for $159, this is the device for everyone. You can be apptastic, update your Facebook, watch video and read books. It's a great consumption device.

It seems like the world is still feeling out the tablet thing, even with a bazillion iPads sold. Clearly they're a thing to leave on your coffee table. They still aren't really my thing, because I create as much as I consume. You still need a laptop for that.


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