The hardware keeps getting better, but iTunes keeps getting worse

posted by Jeff | Monday, October 15, 2012, 11:24 PM | comments: 0

I've become completely annoyed with iTunes. The only thing that I really need it for anymore is to sync photos to my iPad. I suppose it's the source for music and playlists synced to my Windows Phone, but I could just as easily use Zune for that (or whatever it's called going forward).

Tonight I blew away my iPad after weeks of trying to successfully sync photos. The good news is that it worked, but the bad news is that it took hours to get all of those photos back on. It also meant having to setup all of my logins for various apps, too. It's like the thing wasn't really even sure how much room was available. It would tell me "random number items did not sync, see iTunes," only iTunes was not aware of any such shortcomings.

Having to sync anything these days is silly. That's what I love about Windows 8 (and Windows Phone 7 before it): Put in your various accounts, and everything just lights up with stuff from the Internet. I don't have to sync photos from my phone (though I can), because it gets them from Facebook. My contacts come from Gmail. My calendar comes from Google, too. Contacts are even aggregated between Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. My music comes from Amazon Cloud Player, in a Web browser (no WP version yet), or from an app on the iPad. I don't mean to make this another iOS rant, but come on, man.


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