The last wedding, coasting and camping

posted by Jeff | Thursday, August 22, 2002, 1:01 PM | comments: 0

Last weekend was Mike Freeze's wedding. Didn't drink quite as much but still felt like shit the next day. Mike looked great in his white tux (a look only a black man can pull off, I'm convinced) and Candy was also divine. Kind of a short reception, but there were some dancing hoochies, which always makes for a good time.

Last night I went to Cedar Point for a few hours, the first time I've been to any amusement park in nearly two months. Some enthusiast I am! In all seriousness we've just been too busy or tired of being busy to really go. Coupled with the busy season, I've been in no hurry. Stephanie chilled at home for the evening.

This weekend we're camping at Allegany State Park in southwest New York. It was my favorite place to go as a kid, and I was shocked to realize it has now been ten years since the last time I was there (summer following my freshman year of college). Where does the time go?

In any case, this will be fun because it's a special place to me, and Steph has been dying to go camping (which I've been somewhat resistant to because I don't really like tent camping). I'm really looking forward to it though, and plan to spend as much of it chilling as possible.


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